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Tuesday, 30 October 2007 02:25


Asphyre eXtreme is the most popular and widely used framework for developing 2D/3D games and visual applications. In addition to its core components, Asphyre eXtreme has a wide range of add-ons posted by community members.

Asphyre eXtreme, being the most vivid and long lived release in Asphyre series, is a proven and mature framework. The most distinguishing features of this framework from the other releases are the WYSIWYG GUI editor and the components published by other community members. In addition, this is the last framework to use Delphi's VCL approach.

However, this release has been superseded by the following Asphyre Casual Framework for the majority of 2D capabilities and by Asphyre 4.1 for 3D support. The most closest match to Asphyre eXtreme is the release of Asphyre Sphinx.


  • Extensive 2D and 3D graphics
  • WYSIWYG GUI Editor
  • High-definition timer
  • Input controls for Keyboard, Mouse and Multiple Joysticks
  • Two Powerful Networking Components
  • Audio and Video Reproduction
  • Flexible Sprite Engine
  • Intuitive Particle Editor


Core Package

Asphyre eXtreme 3.1 Core (4.58 MiB)

This package contains Asphyre 3.1 source code, examples, tools and documentation.

Sprite Engine

Source Code and Examples (2.47 MiB)
Additional Examples (1.24 MiB)

These files are needed to develop applications using Asphyre 3.1 Sprite Engine. They were developed by our community members.


Source Code (11.8 KiB)
Particle Editor (366.7 KiB)
Example Files (364.9 KiB)

These files are needed to include beautiful particle effects in your Asphyre projects. XParticles has been developed by a respected member of our community member, 2morrowman.

The packages were originally posted here.


Core Package (3.49 MiB)
Example Files (13.15 MiB)

This powerpack contains all the files mentioned above in a single package. It was prepared by our community members.

The package was originally posted here.

Video Playback

Source Code and Examples (4.02 MiB)

This component has been provided by the respected member of our community Cervajz.

The file is a repacked version posted here.

Other additions

You can browse many other additions made by our community members at this location.

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